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Before I dove head-first into the world of fitness and weight management, I was a clinical dietitian.

At age 37, after having three children,

I struggled to manage my weight until 

I started lifting weights, focused on protein intake and

built muscle.

In 2021, I started Nutrition Chopped

to help women who are struggling, just like I was.

I wholehearted love nutrition, fitness, and helping people.

It is in my bones. 


Nutrition Chopped is an online nutrition and fitness coaching business for women who want to achieve sustainable weight loss. So, if that’s you, then you are in the right place! 

Nutrition Chopped is on a mission to teach women how to get lean and strong with a sustainable, effective and evidence based approach that utilizes flexible eating and strength training.

Nutrition Chopped's programs are transforming lives by helping women ditch dieting forever, build muscle, boost metabolism, and increase confidence and metabolic health.


This is Nutrition Chopped. Let’s get to work.

Are You Struggling?

Have you tried to lose weight in the past, but failed?

Do you feel weak? 

Are your clothes getting tight, again?

Does the number on the scale keep increasing?

Are you tired of starving yourself?

Are you sick of fad diets?

Are the usual strategies to manage your

 weight no longer working?

Do you feel like your metabolism is slowing down?

Are you unhappy with the way you look?

Are you in the worst shape of your life?

Are you frustrated and don't know what to do?

Do you feel like losing weight is impossible?

Do you want to get stronger?

Do you want a metabolism that burns more calories even when you are not exercising?

Do you want to eat cake and pizza occasionally without gaining weight instantly?

Do you want a sustainable approach that gives you results?

Do you want to look trim and toned?

Do you want less fat on your body?


If you said yes to any of these, you are in the right place!

Trust me, I've been there. I can help you!


What Is the Problem?

Your metabolism is not broken! The problem is not your age! You have low muscle mass. Muscle is the driver of your active and resting metabolism and it is the key to energy balance, strength, mobility, disease prevention, longevity and aging well. 

Weight loss, or more specifically fat loss, is not impossible for you, but has not happened because you have been doing the wrong things. Your plan set you up to fail.


You did not focus on building muscle and controlling hunger. You did not utilize diet and exercise effectively to increase muscle mass, boost metabolism and control hunger. And this, is the real problem.


The problem is your plan, not your metabolism or your age. 

How to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss?

You need a plan that fires up your metabolism, improve your body composition and controls hunger. So, how do you do this? This is exactly what Andrea is here to share!

Do not give up! There is a path ahead! You can look and feel better!

Nutrition Philosophy 

The best diet for you is one you can stick with today, tomorrow and the rest of your life AND that supports your health and fitness goals. What works for you might not work for your friend, and that's ok! Andrea is here to support you! 

Flexible Approach to Food

Are you tired of yo-yo and fad diets that work for a while, but aren't sustainable. Repeat after me. Diets don't work. You need a plan that you can stick with. One with a flexible approach, which allows you to create a diet that you love and that meets your goals. A flexible diet is based on your personal preferences and allows all foods, some of the time. 


All bodies are beautiful, but improving your body composition can improve your mental and metabolic health, your physical appearance, mood, energy, confidence and quality of life. Your fitness routine should build muscle, and this is the foundation of Andrea's program.

Staying Strong As You Age

Do not accept that getting old means that you become weak, overweight and immobile. But it will happen if you don't eat and exercise to build muscle. Start today!

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