Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be
thy food.
- Hippocrates  


About Nutrition Chopped


Nutrition Chopped is a food, nutrition, and lifestyle blog, created by Andrea Memon, a registered dietitian blogger. One goal is to provide healthy recipes to support balanced pleasurable eating and wellness. Another is to share, in an innovative way, evidence-based nutrition tips and strategies for health. Nutrition Chopped promotes eating with enjoyment, balance, and pleasure. With this sustainable and positive approach, you can achieve current and future health. 

Nutrition Philosophy

Nutrition Chopped philosophy towards eating aligns with mindful eating principles, and believes healthy eating should be positive and fun. Nutrition Chopped does not recommend one dietary pattern for everyone and believes that individuals have different nutrient needs. Guided by science, Nutrition Chopped supports many different eating patterns. 

Approach to Food

Nutrition Chopped believes food should bring people together, nourish your body, and provide balanced, pleasurable enjoyment. Food should not follow rigid rules, and should not be boring, bland, or difficult to sustain. Cooking and eating should be fun and creative!

Weight Management

Nutrition Chopped promotes acceptance of all bodies but recognizes that obesity is associated with reduced physical and mental health. Maintaining a healthy weight can improve your health, mood, and energy. Most diets do not work, and I'm here to offer evidence-based strategies to achieve permanent health. Balanced eating, physical activity, social connection, and other lifestyle habits are important components of wellness. 

The Power of Habits 

Habits are powerful. Skills, routines, systems, and environment are critical influences to creating a healthy life. Positive change is possible. Nutrition Chopped will support you with strategies, tips, and recipes. Here you will learn actionable lifestyle habits for health, so you can be your best self - energetic, strong, brave, nourished, and living every day to the fullest! 


Balanced Recipes

In the Blog

My original, delicious, and nutritious recipes have been tested and perfected. They are posted on my blog. Each recipe includes the ingredient list, step-by-step instructions, pictures, and more. I often share how I developed each and what or who inspired their creation. They taste better when made with love and shared. The recipes are full of flavor! 

Balanced Recipes 

The recipes at Nutrition Chopped are designed to keep you full for hours through a combination of balanced macronutrients with adequate protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrates.