About Andrea

Hi! I'm Andrea.

I'm a registered dietitian, a wife, and a Mom of three boys.

I grew up in north Idaho - not that many people can say that!

I currently live in a suburb of Chicago.

I earned my bachelor of science degree in nutrition and dietetics from

the University of Idaho.

Before having children, I worked as a clinical dietitian

for five years in Washington State.

I love food, cooking, healthy recipes, fitness, and family.

I believe personal growth is a lifelong journey.

My experience is that it's a lot easier to eat nutritious food

if you roll your sleeves up,

get messy in the kitchen and learn to cook, at least a little.

I'm passionate about teaching others how to make healthy food that is

mouth-watering, satisfying, and delicious.

I'm also passionate to share evidence-based food and nutrition

strategies to support health and wellness.

Finally, I want to support people to develop a healthy and balanced

relationship with food and ultimately a kind, loving, and

gentle relationship with themself.


My Story

I am a stay-at-home Mom. In 2021, my youngest son started 1st grade, which is a full day of school in my district. This is when I created Nutrition Chopped. My goal is to share, in a creative way, nutrition tips, healthy cooking, and wellness tools to support health. I am in my kitchen, making homemade food, much of the day, testing different recipes. My husband likes Desi food, my oldest and youngest boys like Mac and Cheese and butter noodles, and my middle son's favorite foods are sushi and beef tartare. So, I'm in the kitchen a lot. When cooking, I always look for ways to make simple, healthy swaps that no one will notice. I'm excited to be here, and I'm thrilled that you are here with me! Let's see where this journey takes us!