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Lemon Water Recipe: An Alternative to Gatorade

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Written by: Andrea Memon, RDN, CD, LD

There are so many expensive beverages for sale to help you "stay hydrated." But I'm here to encourage you to not believe the marketing campaign! With the exception of certain medical conditions, marathon runners, ironman competitors and other elite endurance athletes, these beverages are not necessary for most of us to stay hydrated! Let's skip the Gatorade and the other overpriced hydration beverages! Instead let's save our money, save the planet - by using less plastic, and save our added sugar for some delicious dessert tonight! If you or your kids crave a flavored electrolyte drink, try my lemon electrolyte water recipe below. I often drink it in the morning when I know I'm dehydrated. My recipe is sweetened with stevia, a natural plant based sweetener, and has nearly identical levels of the two electrolytes in Gatorade, which are sodium and potassium. To see how easy it is to make, there's a video on instagram (@nutritionchopped). I hope you try it and enjoy! xo Andrea


xo Andrea

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