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Apply for 1:1 Coaching

At Nutrition Chopped, we offer personalized 1:1 Coaching sessions that focus on improving your overall health and fitness. Our program is tailored to your specific needs, whether you're looking to boost your metabolism, build muscle or manage your body weight. Our sessions are booked for 30 minutes once per week, giving you plenty of time to get the support you need to achieve your goals.

We require a minimum commitment of one month to start.

The cost is $300 for four 30 minute sessions.

Email: to apply.

About 1:1 Coaching

Our 1:1 Nutrition and Fitness coaching is the ultimate package to identify and achieve your health and fitness goals. We start by determining your why, examining your limiting beliefs, assessing your body composition, reviewing your health history, labs, usual diet, weight, and health history. From there, you'll get strategies to manage hunger, education on the power of

protein and strength training, and help setting personal calorie and macro goals. We customize meal and fitness plans, and monitor progress, so you can see real results.

Group Coaching

Ready to transform your body and get the results you've always wanted? Join our Group Coaching program and see real improvements in your body composition! Our program focuses on shrinking your waistline, losing fat, building muscle, and feeling better overall. Our next session starts on Dec 6th and meets virtually every week for 30 minutes, for four consecutive weeks. Don't miss out on this opportunity to look and feel your best! The cost is only $180.

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